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Its not just a game, its a world
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  "The WilderLand has proved to be an incredible draw for our online service, nearly doubling subscriptions in just a few months! This is exactly. what we needed to set ourselves apart from the competition."

Gareth Trinko
System Administrator
Galaxy Online

Managed Hosting Solutions The WilderLand
A classic, comes to the web! The world of The WilderLand has a myriad rooms to explore, interactive encounters with non-player characters, three full-sized cities with working libraries, weaponries, armories, general stores, spell shops, banks, casinos, and more! The game comes with three full-sized dungeons filled with monsters and quests to be solved. Not to mention dark towers, massive wilderness areas, and desert isles.

• Fully interactive Role Playing Game(RPG)
• Includes a full plug-and-play world
• A graphical interface with "Myst" type navigation
• Completely customizable world
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Features Accessability is Key
Unlike traditional internet based Role Playing Games, we do not require the use of telnet or a client. A web browser is all you need to explore this ancient world!.
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We offer private label versions of this product hosted on our servers or it can be purchased as a add-on plug in for our Falken portal system.
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