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  "The WilderLand has proved to be an incredible draw for our online service, nearly doubling subscriptions in just a few months! This is exactly. what we needed to set ourselves apart from the competition."

Gareth Trinko
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Managed Hosting Solutions FALKEN BBS
What makes Falken so special?

• Simple Setup.
• Easy to Configure.
• Telnet or Modem Access.
• Technical Support.
• External Modules (AKA Doors)
• Easy to use programmers API.
• Friendly Sysops Group

We have tried to an include a comprehesive list of all of the features the Falken BBS software package for Linux. However, there are so many, we are most certainly not able to list them all. If this doesn't impress you, then nothing will.

Simple Setup
Falken for Linux is easy to setup and maintain. You don't need to know much about how Linux works to get Falken up and running. It comes with a setup script that will do all the work for you! If you can type the word 'install', you can setup Falken.

The user interface is completely customizable. Nearly everything the user sees can be edited by the sysop. No two Falken systems need to look alike.

Telnet or Modem Accessibility
Users can access your system via dialup, or telnet if you have internet access.

Falken is a well written, extremely stable BBS package. Some Falken systems have run continuously for months without crashing! Even if one node were to lock up, it won't affect the rest of the system.

Technical Support
As a Falken sysop, you will get free support with your BBS from the author. Other Falken sysops are always willing to help, too. Falken sysops take pride in their systems, and wish to see the advancement of other BBSs as well.

Door Games
Unlike other Linux BBS packages, Falken has door games available for it. Although you can run Linux based programs from Falken as doors, there are also games made specifically for Falken BBS systems.

Third Party Developers
As Falken grows, so does it's software archive. There are quite a few third party developers working on new add on modules for Falken.

Make your own Falken Doors
The Falken door API makes it easy, in fact, SIMPLE to create doors for Falken. If you are familiar with C, you can make a Falken door. Best of all the API is FREE!

ANSI/RIP Support
Falken lets you design and create your own menus in text, ANSI, and RIP.

Public/FTN (Fido) Sytle Message Areas
Falken lets you set up up to 250 message bases for your users to post public messages to. You can also use the Falken FIDO tosser to get FIDONet (and other FTN) echomail networks to your system.

File Areas
Your system can have up to 100 file areas. Falken comes with X-Modem, Y-Modem, and Z-modem built in. Users can upload to your system as well. Falken also supports batch file transfers.

Netmail Messages
If/when you get connected to a FTN, you and your users can send netmail (personal mail) to other BBS systems on that network.

Private Email
Falken lets users send email to each other on the BBS. It also lets users set up Mutli-Mail lists so they can mail multiple people at one time. Internet Email is coming soon!

Live Multi-Line Teleconferencing
Falken comes with a teleconference which will let your users chat amongst themselves. The teleconference colors, text, and messages are completely configurable. Other features of the teleconference include actions, chalkboards, private rooms, and separate channels. Also, you can set up certain words to be off limit.

Configurable Menus
Your BBS can have up to 32 separate menus, each with any commands you wish. You can set access flags for each menu letting authorized users in, while keeping others out.

Credit or Time Based Usage System
Falken supports different types of systems to track usage. You can use a flat time system or a credit system. If you will be running a pay-for-time BBS, you can sell credits, or months (or weeks, days, years, etc).

BBS Monitor Program
The BBS comes with a full screen BBS control panel. From the BBSMonitor program, you can view your line stats, send online messages to all (or one) user(s), monitor keystrokes for a line, Lock-On to (take over) a users terminal, disconnect a line, and create a log file of a user's activity.

Online or Offline User Editor
Falken comes with an Offline User Account Editor program which you can use to edit any information about a user. There is also an online user editor which lets you edit accounts online.

Hotkey Support
Falken lets a user choose between hotkeys or standard input. With hotkeys, a user doesn't need to press enter when executing a menu option.

Global Commands
Falken supports global commands which users can use from just about anywhere on the BBS. Users can send private messages to other users, ignore other users, and mark themselves as busy. There are also sysop global commands.

Sysops can set up bulletins which will be displayed at logon. You can set up each bulletin to be "Must Read" which will force the user to read them before continuing to log on.

User Biographies
User can answer sysop defined questions about themselves for other users to see, as well as entering free text.

4 node license Shareware
8 node license $50.00 USD
32 node license $99.00 USD
64 node license $125.00 USD

NOTE: Custom Line versions are available upon request, for a small fee. Upgrading Lines is only the difference in price of the lines. An upgrade fee may be deemed necessary on future versions, but is currently free. No maintanence agreements necessary anymore. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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