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Its not just a game, its a world
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  "The WilderLand has proved to be an incredible draw for our online service, nearly doubling subscriptions in just a few months! This is exactly. what we needed to set ourselves apart from the competition."

Gareth Trinko
System Administrator
Galaxy Online

Features FUN FACTS
Fact #1:
The first game Mike created for the TI-99/4a computer was called Pirate's Venture and had a fully graphical interface that was virtually unheard of at the time. It was quite ground breakging, unfortunately the exit of Texas Instruments from the home computer market insured that the product was never distributed, and was never seen or played by more than a few people. The game itself is now entirely lost due to the fact it was stored on a cassette tape, and we all know how reliable that was.

Fact #2:
When Mike was a struggling college student he made a deal with a local Major BBS system operator to provide him excluse rights to run "The WilderLand" in his area for a mere $300 dollars! Mike needed this $300 to even be able to afford to purchase the Major BBS software.

Fact #3:
More coming soon!